Dr. Robert L. Mandell

Cosmetic root coverage for receding gums

If you have moderate to advanced gum disease, you also have receding gums. When gums recede, your teeth appear longer and feel more sensitive, especially as your tooth roots becomes exposed. Your teeth may become loose and may even fall out. Before you lose your teeth, you should see a periodontal expert.

Dr. Mandell can treat your periodontal disease and stop your gum recession. Treatment options include scaling and root planing, antimicrobial mouthwashes and oral antibiotics. These treatments can address your infection and prevent more gum recession. However, they cannot restore your gum tissue to its original volume.

Dr. Mandell solves this problem using what’s known as gingival grafts. This technique can repair the damage from gum disease and make your gum tissue healthy again. Oral surgeon Dr. Mandell is experienced in this innovative procedure and can perform a gingival graft right in his Tyngsboro office. The gingival graft involves removing soft tissue from one area of the body and using it to replace missing gum tissue caused by recession.

There are different techniques for gingival grafts depending how far your gums have receded. Dr. Mandell can use your own tissue for your gum graft or use donor tissue from a special tissue bank. He will discuss your procedure and options with you to determine whether a gingival graft is right for you and which technique will best suit your needs.

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